Quinn Nystrom was the morning keynote speaker at our first annual Iowa JDRF TypeOneNation Summit.  Her message, “Learning to Live with Purpose and Passion” was incredibly inspiring to our audience of kids and adults.  Quinn has a very unique way of connecting with everyone in the room, whether you are newly diagnosed or have lived with T1D for many years.  Her story of growing up with T1D will having you both laughing and in tears as her story is very relatable to the masses.  After her message, Quinn had a line of people waiting to thank her and purchase her book.  She is very engaging to each and every person that approaches her and takes the time to provide inspiration to each and every one.  Eastern Iowa JDRF would definitely have her back to speak to our JDRF families and would recommend Quinn to speak at any of JDRF events around the country.” Mike Shrock, JDRF Iowa Statewide Outreach

“I have known Quinn since her early teens, when I started working with her as her diabetes educator. She is a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent young woman, AND she lives well with type 1 diabetes. Lucky for all of us who know her, she is one of the funniest, most enjoyable people to be with, for any amount of time you can get. Her advocacy and support for other people and their families living with type 1 diabetes is unsurpassed. Her book reflects these qualities, her challenges with diabetes and because of her willingness to share “the good, the bad and the ugly”, anyone who reads it will feel the emotion and her passion, along with her sense of humor. The reader will know that although this disease is difficult and has no cure, it is also manageable, and you can do whatever you want with your life. She certainly has, and will continue to do so, forever.” Marcia A. Meier, BAN, RN, CDE


“Quinn is a knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate, encouraging, and uplifting speaker. She has a rare gift of engaging the interest of her audience, which brings great curiosity and interest in them about diabetes, eating disorders, dealing with adversity, transcending difficulties, and loving with grace, style and integrity. Quinn is a great ambassador for the cause, for those suffering- and a great resource for professionals anywhere. I have been personally impacted for good by Quinn, and it is an honor to learn from her. Great choice in having Quinn speak. Thank you!”
– Clinical Professional

“I enjoyed the presenter’s honesty, wit, vulnerability and commitment and expertise. I thought the talk was well paced appropriately educational/personal and highly informative.”
-Clinical Professional

Quinn’s story is accessible and honest with delightful twists of humor and personality.  Her life is an example of triumph over struggle.  She is courageous to fight her battles openly and shows readers by example that they can find strength by doing the same.  What a wonderful story written by an inspirational woman! Quinn sprang to the national stage at a time when youth advocates were desperately needed. By being herself and channeling her pain into passion, she made a difference in people and health policy. This book gives insight to other aspiring advocates to strive for greatness and not accept NO for an answer.  Failure and challenge, as Quinn shows us, can be used to make us better and stronger.” Nicole Johnson, PhD, MPH, MA Miss America 1999

“By sharing her story first-hand, Quinn has really given a voice and insight into the hidden challenges of managing diabetes. It is a great read for anyone who has diabetes, as a shared experience and one to learn from; or for anyone who knows and cares about someone with diabetes, as a unique insight into a life with blood sugars, insulin, and carb counts!” Charlie Kimball, IndyCar Series Driver and the first licensed driver with diabetes to win a series race  

Quinn Nystrom was hands down the highlight of the event. We enjoyed everything, of course. But hearing from someone with Type 1 themselves with such passion & purpose like Quinn was incredibly touching & inspiring.  Unforgettable.” Suzanne H., mother of type 1 child


Quinn shares an inspiring story about coming to terms with her illness, and how she advantageously uses her experience to support millions of people with diabetes and advocate for a cause greater than herself.” Andy Ajello, Senior Vice President, Diabetes & Obesity Sales, Novo Nordisk

Quinn Nystrom did a wonderful job giving the “young adult” perspective of the challenges facing people with diabetes. Her message was direct and sincere.  Her credibility was unmatched.” Scott Robinson, Director, Patient Care Programs – Diabetes Shoppe

Quinn Nystrom was a great speaker! Wonderful presenter, informative and helpful.”; “Awesome speaker and relevant topic. Wow!”; “Impressive – top notch. Loved the energy and passion of speaker.”; “Very knowledgeable of content!”; “Quinn was excellent!”; “Quinn did an awesome job! All the best!”; “Quinn was an awesome closing speaker.” St. Cloud Hospital/CentraCare Health feedback

“I’ve known and worked with Quinn over the last 20+ years as a volunteer of the American Diabetes Association. Quinn has been a strong and articulate presenter whether in front of a group of students, cyclists or in front of elected officials. I recommend Quinn as she is willing to share her story about diabetes, engage an audience and has been a stellar representative of the ADA.” Jenni Hargraves, former Executive Director, American Diabetes Association, Minnesota

“Ms. Nystrom’s personal story gives her credibility and a wonderful testament to using the power of a positive attitude to turn life experiences into good ones that can help others. Her motivational speech provided our audience members with a memorable luncheon.” Michele Andrews, Director of Programming for North Central Michigan University

“During my tenure at the American Diabetes Association, Quinn served in a national-level leadership role. What is both impressive and inspiring about Quinn is her ability to motivate and help people affected by diabetes. She leads them to not see the condition as a negative but as something to strive to live with and manage. Quinn exudes confidence, competence, and encouragement.” Marty Moore, former marketing manager at the national American Diabetes of Marketing

Quinn Nystrom was the keynote speaker for the Kids ‘n’ Us: Families Facing Diabetes Conference, held Saturday, April 23, 2016 in Edmonton. Quinn also facilitated 2 workshops: “Balancing Diabetes and Life as a Teen” and “Learning to Live with Purpose and Passion.” Quinn received rave reviews on the conference evaluation forms, some are quotes: “Quinn gave me a sense of calm.”; “Quinn was great (fantastic).”; “Quinn was funny and sweet.”; “It was good to hear from someone living with this.”; “Loved her.”; “Quinn was a dynamic speaker – personable.”; “She was inspirational.” “We listened to Quinn twice – she was great!”

When asked for suggestions for speakers for next year’s conference, several asked for Quinn to return. This conference has been held for the past 27 years to help families living with Type 1 Diabetes. It gives a forum for: education, updates on research, coping skills, nutrition, resources, networking, etc. It is always well attended and gets rave reviews. Quinn helped make the 2016 Kids ‘n’ Us another memorable and valuable conference for T1D families.” Jim Casey, Chair, Kids ‘n’ Us Planning Committee, Edmonton, Alberta