Quinn Nystrom

Some people find their calling late in life. Quinn found hers at the age of 10, when her five-year-old brother, Will, was hospitalized with type-1 diabetes. She began knocking on neighborhood doors in her small northern Minnesota town to raise money for a cure for diabetes. Three years later she was diagnosed with diabetes and re-doubled her efforts. At 16 she was named the National Youth Advocate for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and spent a year traveling across the country to camps, conferences, corporations and the Congress. Her message is simple; we must find a cure for diabetes and support the 29 million Americans living with the disease. Quinn, 29, devotes her full time efforts to diabetes advocacy and has been recognized nationally for her contributions.For the past 19 years, Quinn has shared her struggle of living with diabetes with over 250,000 people. Her message was simple: We must find a cure for diabetes and provide support and care for the millions of people living with the disease. Quinn continues to advocate for people with diabetes and shares her story with purpose and passion. She is an energetic speaker who inspires, informs and entertains her audiences.
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